Mock Interview Workshop!

It’s official! I’ll be co-hosting a Mock Interview Workshop for WWCode Richmond. This Workshop is for anyone in the Women Who Code community who’s felt shaky about the interviewing process.  We’ll be covering Behavioral and Technical interview tips, the different types of interview questions, the difference between screenings and interviews, how to negotiate recruiting agency interviews, and some red flags to watch out for during interviews.  There will be interview resources available as well as a peer mock interview section with feedback and a Q&A session.

I’m looking forward to demystifying and reducing some of the stress behind interviews. Here’s a little tip, sometimes the interviewer is just as nervous as the interviewee.

I’ll also be posting resources from the workshop here for anyone who can’t make it.

In the works

I am an avid journaler but an extremely sporadic blogger at best, but now is a great time to catch up. There are so many things going on right now that I am both excited and passionate about. I joined Women Who Code’s Meetup a while back and happily lurked during online events, learning about the community and doing my best to stay current on Coding/Development trends. Over the past few months, I’ve become more active in my local community with the desire to apply my knowledge as a recruiter and IT professional to help WWCode members in their career search. I cannot recommend WWCode enough. I have met some amazing IT professionals in varying stages of their careers and found a welcoming community of people dedicated to fostering a positive environment for learning, growing, and sharing. I am delighted to be starting my volunteer journey with them. Check them out at

I also did a bit of traveling recently to check off a few Want To Do’s from my always-growing list of interests and drove to Florence AL to attend Alabama Chanin’s School of Making workshop. This was a goal about 10 years in the making when I first read about Natalie Chanin’s Project Alabama in WWD. It was one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. I spent three days surrounded by creatives in a lovely workspace/retail space, being fed twice a day and learning how to craft slow-stitch garments. After feeling stagnant for a while (like…a WHILE), it feels great to be moving in a direction that brings me so much joy.